Spinach Chutney

Spinach chutney is a south Indian-style chutney recipe made of spinach, lentils, and spices that is easy to make and very healthy. With just a few ingredients, You can have this chutney with rice or chapatis.

Spinach Chutney
Spinach Chutney


1 cup Spinach
1 sp Oil
3 tbsp Toor dal
4-5 Red chilli
5-6 garlic
Small lemon size tamarind
Salt to taste

1 sp oil
1 red chilli
1/2 sp mustard
1/2 sp cumin seed
5-6 curry leaves
Pinch of hing

Method :

  • In a pan add toor dal and chilli, roast until aromatic.
  • Transfer it to blender jar, Add garlic and tamarind.
  • Grind and make a powder.
  • Same pan add chopped spinach and cook for 2 minutes.
  • Transfer it to blender jar, add salt and grind. Make a fine paste. Transfer it to bowl.
  • In a tadka pan give tempering and pour it on chutney. Mix and enjoy with rice!
Watch recipe video here

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