Vegeetable Kababs

Have you every tried no oil kabab!!?

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”…

The key to healthy cooking is to capture the flavor and retain the nutrients of your food without adding excessive amounts of fat, salt or sugar.Baking as slowly cooking food in the oven with gentle heat this allows the natural moisture to slowly evaporate, which eliminates the need for added fat and also result in minimal losses of vitamin C.

You can bake them as well as pan fry. I have done both here,baked ones are definitely healthier but even the pan fried ones are healthy as we are not shallow frying or deep frying.

• Beetroot Tofu kabab🌱

• Chickpea soya kabab🌱

• Spinach cottage cheese potato kabab🌱

• Pineapple Dip

• Beetroot Dip

• Spinach mint Dip


Kabab Mixture

🌱Beetroot Tofu Kabab:

Peel the beetroot and wash tofu. Blend it make a paste including onion salt and pinch of cumin powder. Make a patty.

🌱Chickpea Soya Kabab:

Overnight soaked chickpea cook it in a pressure cooker, (let it cool) Blend it make paste including onion green chilli salt and soya flour, Make a patty.

🌱Spinach cottage cheese potato kabab:

Pre boiled potato , raw spinach leaves, cottage cheese, onion , chilli, garam masala, salt- blend it make a paste. Shape it like a kabab.

Pre heated oven , place all the kabab parties in a tray (extra virgin olive oil greased )bake it 10 to 12 min each side(180degree) . Serve with your favourite dip.

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