Dou Sha Bao

🌱Red bean paste Steamed bun🌱

For the very first time i have tried this dish in Bangkok. Now its one of my favourite..

“Dou Sha”means “bean paste””Bao”means “bun”in Chinese.We can call it Chinese Bun.

The dou sha (red bean paste) sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet, even savoury person can like it.

Dou sha is actually straight forward to make. You only need red beans(Small red beans or azuki beans)sugar, and water. A good dou sha filling for steamed buns should be “stiff” and thick.Classic Bao is made of maida, here i have used whole wheat to make it healthy!



🌱whole wheat flour

🌱Dry Yeast


🌱Red beans


🌱Salt and Sugar


Soak the beans(red bean/kidney bean/rajma) over night.

In a pressure cooker add beans,cook the beans on high pressure with some water for 20 minutes.

Blend the cook beans in a paste consistency.

Transfer the bean paste to a saucepan. Add sugar and oil and cook over medium heat until the paste is dry.Let it cool down.

Divide stuffing in to equal portion make a ball and keep it aside.

For a Bun: Make a dough by combining wheat flour, hot milk ,water and instant dry yeast and salt. Knead until dough is off a semi-soft consistency but isn’t too sticky.let it rest about 2 hours.(yeast grow).


Roll out the dough in to small circle stuff the bean paste balls.

Shape it like a bun, place it on a tray ,let it rest for 2 hour.(yeast grow)

Steam it about 15-20 min in low medium heat .Serve hot.

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