Milk Vegitable Biryani

This Milk Vegetable Biryani hits all the right spots with its wonderful aroma and exotic flavors!

Loaded with veggies, crunchy cashews, warm spices like saffron, herbs like coriander and mint, this biryani is a delight to the taste buds in every bite!


🌱Soak the rice in 1 cup of water for 30 minutes.

🌱After the rice has soaked, drain the water.

🌱Heat a pot full of water, add 3 green cardamom, 2 cloves and 1 teaspoon salt to it. Let it come to a boil.

🌱Add rice, stir and let it cook uncovered until it’s almost cooked (almost 50% cooked but not fully cooked).This takes around 5 minutes.

🌱Remove pan from heat and drain rice. Add a teaspoon of ghee to the rice. Set aside.

🌱Heat 1.5 tablespoons oil in a pan/pot on medium heat. Add cumin seeds, cinnamon stick, bay leaf, peppercorns, 3 cardamom and 2 cloves.

🌱Stir and let the spices sizzle for few seconds. Add the sliced onions also add 1/4 teaspoon salt.

🌱Cook for 3 to 4 minutes until onions turn light brown. Then add the crushed ginger.

🌱Cook for 2 minutes until the raw smell goes away.

🌱To the same pan, now add cashews and raisin cook until golden brown, around 1 minutes.

🌱To same pan add potato,cauliflower, beans and carrots, green peas. Saute for 2 to 3 minutes until veggies appear light brown.

🌱Add biryani masala,mix well.And add cup of water and add 1 spoon salt .Wait until veggies are almost cooked but not overcooked. They should be firm to bite.

🌱There shouldn’t be much water left, it should be kind of thick mixture.Lower the heat.

🌱Spread the rice above veggies. Topped with raisin, cashews , coriander leaves, mint leaves,Saffron.

🌱Drizzle 2-3 spoon ghee above rice.

🌱Add cup of milk.Cover the pot. Let it cook in low heat about 10-15 min.

🌱Scoop out the biryani from the bottom of the pan so that each serving has both the veggies and the rice.

🌱Serve vegetable biryani with a side of raita.

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