Focaccia Garden

Making focaccia bread art is not only fun but also delicious. Recipe: Ingredients- 6 gm Dry yeast 2 cups all- purpose flour (maida) Olive oil – 4-5 spoon Salt – according to taste Choice of vegitables( onion, bel pepper, cherry tomato, baby corn, jalapeño, garlic, corn) Fresh herbs ( basil, rosemary, thyme) or Dried herbs….

Mediterranean Baked Roll

This is my favourite roll.. Simple and easy to make. Learned this from one of my German friend. For the recipe you will need : Ingredients: 🌱250 g whole wheat flour 🌱150 ml water 🌱7g dry yeast 🌱Salt and sugar 🌱Dried tomatoes, red and yellow pepper 🌱Basil/oregano(dry spice) Preparation: Rest for 10 min. 1) In…