Ginnu(kunda style)

Ginnu is a sweet dish prepared from lactating cow’s milk or colostrum milk of cow.

Normally, first day’s milk will be thicker but this dish prepared from cows milk 5days after cow has given birth. This dish go very well with dosa, chapati or eat just like that.


  • 1 ltr Colostrum cow milk
  • 1/2 cup Jaggery
  • Cardamom powder


  • Boil milk it will start curdling. (low flame)
  • Add jaggery stir continuously
  • Add cardamom powder.
  • Stir continuesly, till all water is dissolve from it
  • Ginnu/ginna consistency will be crumble and slightly sticky.

Note: Cooking time takes 1.5 hrs -2 hrs.

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