Cherry tomato Strawberry Spread

Cherry tomato strawberry spread is a sweet and tangy fruity flavoured spread.

This delicious spread is made out of farm fresh sweet cherry tomato and strawberry. You can spread this delicious spread on bread or crackers.

You can store this spread in a air tight container in a fridge for a week.


  • Cherry tomato- 500gms
  • Sugar- 100 gms
  • Strawberry – 4 to 5 big size
  • Agar agar wonder gel – 1/2 tspoon


  • In a deep pan add washed cherry tomato. Add 1 cup water. In a medium high heat boil it about 10 minutes.
  • Cherry tomato will be tender and soft, mash them using spatula.
  • Strain these mixture to remove seeds.
  • In a sauce pan add cherry tomato mixture boil it in a medium heat.
  • Add sugar let it dissolve. Now add agar agar wonder gel ( in a cup 2 spoon water and wondergel powder, mix and let it dissolve)
  • Bring it to boil.
  • Now add chopped strawberry chunks.
  • Bring it to one more boil(until strawberry cooked). Turn off the heat. Let it cool.
  • Store it in a container in a fridge for a week.

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