Mango Coconut Jelly

There’s something about jelly that makes kids super happy.

Maybe it’s the shape – because it wiggles as it’s shaken.

Treat your little ones or grown ups to this homemade Vegan mango coconut Jelly. This wiggly jelly is made from fresh fruit juice and A fun treat for all ages!

it’s naturally healthy, vegan, and gluten-free.This is a dish I created because I wanted to utilize the ripe mangoes that are in season by making a dessert that lets the mango flavour shine.

Jelly can be served simply on its own as it is so tasty, but jelly is fabulous with some whipped cream or ice cream and even custard


1/2 cup mango puree

1/2 cup coconut milk

2sp Sugar

1/2 t spoon agar agar

In a pan boil 4 spoon water, add agar agar, Once it’s dissolved,put this in 2 separate bowl 1/2 each

mix mango pure and sugar and agar agar

Mix coconut milk and sugar and agar agar. set in a mold serve chilled

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